Trackless Tack

A cleaner, quicker, more cost effective pavement bonding system

Today, nothing is more important than building clean, safe, high quality projects for your customer in the most efficient amount of time. And when some process in the program creates a mess or slows down the job, extra work and delays occur and we all lose. Trackless Tack keeps jobs clean and operating smoothly.  It eliminates the unsightly mess and reduces the lost productivity, public disruption, and added expense incurred when paving crews and equipment are delayed by tack coats tracking on surrounding pavements or walkways. 

Benefits of using Trackless Tack:

  • Trackless Tack breaks in minutes and greatly reduces tracking to surrounding surfaces.
  • Trackless Tack can be specially tailored to meet your local climatic conditions and project requirements for tracking resistance and adhesion.
  • Trackless Tack provides waterproofing properties which safeguard the  substrate and base layers, while ensuring good adhesion of overlays to the existing surface.
  • Trackless Tack is especially well-suited for urban areas with adjacent concrete sidewalks or upscale residential areas with decorative pavement surfaces which are quickly damaged when conventional tack coats are used.

Performance of Trackless Tack:

  • Trackless Tack out performs traditional tacks and polymer modified tacks on strength tests. 

For more information on lab and field performance check out these studies performed by the Illinois Center for Transportation.