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Eco-Friendly Base Preparation



The best and most eco-friendly base preparation for a quality pavement


A pavement is only as good as its foundationits base. Traditionally, road bases have been prepared for surfacing with prime coats to protect the granular base during construction and help reduce dust. Prime seals provide a good bond between the underlying base and hot mix asphalt overlays. On low volume roads, they bond the base to chip seals or other thin surfaces, which might otherwise delaminate.  As traffic increases, these treatments serve well as foundations for staged construction of future overlays. In the past, most primes were made from cutback asphalts or other petroleum-based materials that are slow to cure and emit volatile organic compounds. Some of these materials also had poor penetration into compacted bases, thereby reducing their bonding effectiveness. Worse still, there have also been incidents where run-off from these materials has polluted the soil and even nearby streams.


EcoPrime® is an eco-friendly, solventless prime.


It contains no petroleum solvents that have flammable vapors, are hazardous to workers and release harmful VOCs into the environment. It is water-based, safe for workers and easy to use. The innovative Heartland Asphalt Materials technology is engineered to give superior penetration into the base, binding surface fines and superior bonding between the underlying surface and overlays. EcoPrime® also serves as excellent dust control, taking particulates out of the air we breathe.


Easy on workers, budgets and the environment


EcoPrime® is supplied as a liquid which may be diluted to give an accurate shot rate when sprayed through a distributor over a prepared, compacted base. The water based emulsion is safely sprayed at ambient temperatures by a calibrated pressure

distributor at a uniform rate, without splattering or drilling from the spray bar. The nozzle angle and spray bar height are adjusted to insure that the spray pattern is even and will give the best prime. The application rate should give a uniform coverage of just enough sealant for a thin, tacky, adhesive film without running off the roads surface.


Engineering solutions that work – a Superior Prime and a Superior Dust Suppressant


The economical treatment can be used as a soil stabilizer and dust suppressant. As a prime, it protects the underlying layers from wet weather by providing a temporary waterproofing layer. It can also be used to reduce soil erosion on ditch banks and shoulders. It does not harm vegetation.


EcoPrime® Benefits

EcoPrime® accounts for just a small fraction of the total project cost, but it makes a big contribution to the overall project success. Just some of the advantages of EcoPrime® include:

  • Solventless, no flammable or harmful volatiles
  • Easily diluted in water 
  • Same Day Paving 
  • Superior penetration into all types of compacted base materials
  • Excellent dust control 
  • Toughens the base surface to prevent damage from construction equipment
  • Protects the base from moisture 
  • Coats and bonds loose material on the surface of the base
  • Provides excellent adhesion between the base and the succeeding course
  • Less expensive


The EcoPrime® residue not only suppresses the dust layer, but it binds the dust into a thin membrane that protects the surface.


EcoPrime® has none of the drawbacks of conventional prime coats and dust suppressants. Unlike cutbacks, such as MC-30, other primes containing solvent and chemical dust suppressants like calcium chloride, it does NOT:


  • Pollute the soil and ground water 
  • Harm vegetation
  • Replace one atmospheric pollutant (dust) with another (VOC’s)
  • Cause a fire hazard
  • Cost more


EcoPrime - Distributor


Heartland Asphalt Materials is proud to bring you EcoPrime®. It is just one of our global solutions engineered for environmentally responsible construction materials with reliable, proven performance.


Better Performance – Better for the Environment