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What is Colpatch?

  • Colpatch™ is an easy to use high performance patching material, suitable for patching potholes, filling utility cuts and repairing damaged asphalt and concrete pavements.
  • Colpatch™ is a permanent patch*.
  • Colpatch™ can be stockpiled for up to a year** and is workable in temperatures down to approximately 10°F.
  • Colpatch™ can be used in water filled areas if necessary.
  • Colpatch™ comes ready to use and requires no heating or tacking.


You spoke, we listened!

We asked you what you wanted in a cold mix patch material.  You told us the cost of having to re-patch has had a significant impact on your budgets.  As agencies are being challenged to do more with less, performance and overall cost has become even more critical.  You told us you wanted a product that was economical, easy to use year round, and had superior performance.  You wanted a product you could count on! 


Solution:  Colpatch

Our technical team can formulate a product that will meet your needs any time of the year.  And, you have the peace of mind of knowing that Heartland Asphalt Materials Inc. and our local account management team will be there to address your needs every step of the way.  Just throw, compact, and go!  It’s that easy.


Performance.  Proven.


*Material provides permanent results when used in accordance with “Best Practices”. 
** Material has a stockpile life of up to a year when done in accordance with the recommended procedures. 




    Recommended Aggregate Gradations


Aggregate Gradations: Colpatch liquid can be formulated for virtually any aggregate type.  To realize optimal product performance it is important to adhere as closely as possible to the recommended gradations listed above.  The “Pothole” gradation uses a slightly larger stone, which when placed against a confined edge will provide superior strength and resistance to future deformation.  The “Skin Patch” gradation uses a slightly smaller stone which allows for better workability when patching larger areas with minimal patch thicknesses.

Stockpiling Guidelines: When storing Colpatch for extended periods of time we recommend stockpiles of no less than 100 tons.  This will insure optimal workability.  The stockpile should be configured in such a way that moisture accumulation is minimized in the pile during times of precipitation.  The stockpile should be stored on a hard sloped surface so that water accumulation at the base of the pile is minimized.  As the material sits in the stockpile, a crust will form on the outer surface of the pile.  This is normal.  Prior to using the material, the area from which the pile is going to be loaded should be worked (rolled) with a loader in order to get a workable mixture.

Material Placement (Best Practices):  When using Colpatch as a pothole patch material the following “best practices” are recommended for optimal performance:  1. Clean any loose debris from the pothole.  2. Square the edges of the area to be patched.  3. Place the Colpatch into the prepared hole.  If the depth of the patch is greater than 2 inches, place multiple lifts of 2 inches each until the entire hole is filled.  Compact each lift thoroughly before placing the next lift.  4. Finish placement of the Colpatch by ensuring there is a slight crown of material at the top of the patch; approximately ½ inch.  This crown will allow for normal post compaction consolidation of the mix after the return of traffic.


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